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Sunrise Sewing Services is a sewing contractor company serving the apparel and textile industry in USA . With more than 20 years of experience, our staff is 100% committed to creating quality sewn textile products. 


We specialize in working with small businesses and startup companies as well as industrial sewing. Large and small orders are always welcome.


We handle many types of fabrics such as cotton, polyester, nylon, rayon, spandex, silk, faux fur and more.


Our goal is to provide timely deliveries and excellent quality for your sewn products.


We would be happy to make your next order with us a pleasant and worth while experience.

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Tel: 714 312-0031

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“Juan Carlos is an skilled manufacturer. He and his team manufactured our luxurious silk products for 5+ years. His workmanship is excellent and he produces a high quality finished product. He has done everything for my company - cutting, sewing, finishing, packaging - and has even provided helpful tips on the design of certain products. He works well with his customers and is a very pleasant person to work with.”


                                                          Victoria B.- Silk'n Dreams

“We wanted to tell you that we are very impressed with the quality of your work.  We have received many compliments.  Keep up the good work!


                                                 Karla- Love to Travel Products

“The Bandzz turned out wonderful & we were very happy with your quality of work.”


                                                  Shirley Karina-

Community- Sewing for a Cause

Updated 3/30/2020

Sunrise Sewing Services personnel believe in helping others during difficult times. 


In 2018 we contributed to a cause by making and donating 500 surgical caps for kids to Golisano Children's Hospital in New York.


Now in 2020, Sunrise Sewing Services is providing face masks made of 100% cotton fabrics, similar to the ones requested by hospitals as back ups to actual surgical masks. These face masks do not protect against COVID-19.  

We are providing these face masks for free to any individuals who may need them, non profit organizations or hospitals in need of handmade masks for worried patients and nonclinical staff.

Please be aware of the limits of wearing this type of face masks. These face masks do not protect against COVID-19. They were created as a fashionable way to keep the wearer from breathing in large particles, like car exhaust, air pollution, pollen during allergy season, etc.. They also can help to avoid touching your mouth, nose or eyes, but again, they are not intended as a way to protect you from adquiring COVID-19. You must follow the guidelines given by the CDC to protect against the virus, such as stay at home, wash your hands and social distance practice. 

Request your free face masks now by clicking on any of the pictures.


Classic Mask


Fitted Mask

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