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If you are requesting more than one style, choose one and enter the total quantity. Then specify the total of masks per style you need in the comments below,

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Pickup must be done within 2 days after we confirm with you. Otherwise, your masks will be given to someone else.

By requesting any free face masks, you are aware of the limits of wearing this type of face masks. These face masks do not protect against COVID-19. They were created as a fashionable way to keep the wearer from breathing in large particles, like car exhaust, air pollution, pollen during allergy season, etc.. They also can help to avoid touching your mouth, nose or eyes, but again, they were not intended as a way to protect you from adquiring COVID-19. You must follow the guidelines given by the CDC to protect against the virus, such as stay at home, wash your hands and social distance practice. 

*If you selected your masks to be delivered, please consider on making a small donation to help us cover the shipping fees.

Any donations to keep this and future free projects will be greatly appreciated!


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